Underwriting Guidelines

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Underwriting GuidelinesAs a first time borrower for hard money loans of any type, it’s understandable to get overwhelmed with the numerous details and different terms.

We at the Cornerstone Company put in every effort to make hard money lending as easy as possible.

Take a look at our flexible underwriting guidelines now and take advantage of our attractive rates and ZERO hidden costs!

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Geographical Areas We Cover

Cornerstone Company currently provides hard money lending solutions throughout California including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. We can also make loans on deals in Northern California.

Maximum Loan to Value We Offer

The maximum loan to value you can get is 70% of the after repaired value (ARV) or the amount of purchase price, whichever is smaller.

Down Payment Required

Depending on the loan program the down payment can vary from 0 % to 25%. To secure a loan, the borrowers will be required at minimum to pay for the points and escrow closing costs

What Collateral Is Allowed For Securing A Hard Money Loan?

We offer loans for:

  • Non-owner occupied:
    • single family homes
    • town homes,
    • condominiums
    • 1-4 apartments
  • Commercial properties

Contact us today for further details and information about our loan underwriting guidelines. We will be glad to assist you and elaborate on borrowing details and on underwriting guidelines over the phone or in person so you can make the right choice.