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Real Estate Investor Newsletter: Wednesday September 23, 2015

Southern California Real Estate Investor Newsletter

♦ REI News ♦ Q &A ♦ Investor Tools ♦ Special Events ♦  REI Club Meetings ♦ About Us ♦ This Week in News U.S. Housing Market Set To Boom On Demographic Trends [Read Now] Millennials number 83.4 million in the US, or more than 1 out of every 4 Americans, and these individuals are entering prime buying/renting age.   35 is the new 25, and this ensures that accelerated home sales will persist throughout the next decade. […] The Housing Market’s Chicken-Or-Egg Conundrum [Read Now] Chair Janet Yellen said housing is “very depressed” and “demand for housing should be there.”  She has it backward. There’s plenty of demand for housing. What’s missing is supply. […] Nation’s Housing Market […]

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