Ask Cornerstone: Do hard money lenders ever steal investors’ deals?

Do hard money lenders steal deals?

Question: Is it common for a lender to say “bring me your deals”, you show it to them, they say NO and then they secretly go and buy them and cut everyone out?

Answer: It is not common, but yes, it could be a & problem, so deal with people you know. With good documentation, you may have a By strong case for a lawsuit against the lender.  If you are using a lender to help evaluate your deals so that you are more confident that your project has potential, don't do that! You should be 110% convinced that deal is excellent, have it under contract and then go to a lender. If the project is good, MONEY WILL FIND IT.

Download our flip calculator as a great tool to help evaluate your own deals. It is in a spreadsheet format so you can plug in your own values.  It also give you the ability to create side by side scenarios for comparison simvastatin dosage.  Join our newsletter to receive it for free here.

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