Having Trouble Getting Hold of a Short Term Loan in California? We Are Here To Help!

Borrowers - Private Money LoansWe know how hard it can be to get a loan approved, with the current economical situation. The lending criterion has become stricter during the past couple of years, making it difficult for borrowers with less than excellent credit history to secure a short term loan. The time and effort involved in the whole process can also be stressful and demanding, and in the end you may be surprised to find a long list of closing costs and hidden fees added to the final amount.

Do you think that it’s impossible to get a short term loan approved in just a few days with a rocky credit history?

Think again.

Cornerstone Company specializes in private money lending throughout California. We lend on non-owner occupied residential properties that are bought to flip and different commercial properties that need upgrades or rent stabilization in order to qualify for permanent financing. Known for fast service, flexible lending options and reliable asset based loan programs, Cornerstone Company is dedicated to help borrowers and corporations secure fast, easy and simple private money loans on properties for owners that don’t meet the strict underwriting guidelines of the lending institutions in the market.

Our Short Term Real Estate Loans are Tailor-made for Your Needs

Cornerstone Company provides tailor made lending solutions with a quick and streamlined process that is geared to lend maximum amount possible. Our quick turnaround time makes it easy for you to make financial decisions and our trusted service delivers you the peace of mind and satisfaction you are looking for.

We help our clients regardless of their financial history – feel free to contact us for a quick short term real estate loan even if you:

  • Possess bad credit
  • Are in foreclosure
  • Have had a bankruptcy in the past
  • Can’t get your loan approved for any other reason.

Cornerstone Company is dedicated to help you get past the hurdles in your way and find quick and reliable private money loans.

We Are Determined To Make Hard Money Lending Easy For Our Borrowers!

We have special hard money loan programs for investors doing house flips. We know that in the current volatile market with a tight inventory, buying a distressed property, getting it repaired and then selling it at a profit can prove to be a profitable choice if one has reliable money source.

With our flexible loans, we make sure that investors don’t miss out on the opportunity just because they could not secure a loan within time. At Cornerstone Company, our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients even if they do not have good credit, since our loan approvals depend more on the value of property rather than the buyer’s credit history.

Our Loan Solutions

Get Short Term Real Estate Loans Approved Fast!

Whether you are single investor or corporation looking for discounted residential real estate or commercial properties, we provide quick short term financing in Southern and Northern California specializing in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties at feasible rates. We provide loans for different kind of distressed properties – it can include pre-foreclosures, short sale, bank REO's and much more.

Underwriting Guidelines

  • Wide Geographical Reach – Cornerstone Company currently provides hard money loans in southern California counties including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego. and for certain deals we can can lend in Northern California.
  • Loan to Value (LTV) – The maximum loan we provide is 70% of the After Repair Value (ARV) or the amount of purchase price – whichever is smaller.
  • Minimum Down Payment Required – Depending on the loan program, the down payment can vary from 5% to 25%. To secure a loan, the borrowers will be required at minimum to pay for points, escrow closing costs, and have total amount of repair money in reserve.

Preliminary QuestionnairePlease fill out this questionnaire to help us determine if you qualify.  We will call you to discuss specifics and discuss any questions you or we may have.


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