Ask Cornerstone: What are some ideas and the most efficient use of home curbside appeal renovation funds on my flip?

Improving the curbside appeal of your fix and flip investment is one of the smartest ways to allocate your time and funds. Consider these ideas:

External Window Shutters

Window shutters give a boost to the plain appearance of a house.  It's a sort of accoutrement to dress up a house that makes it feel finished. Whether your climate would benefit from real shutters or you use them as part of the facade, the look is beneficial to the value of the home by boosting the curb appeal.

Garden Benches, Porch Swing, or Adirondack Chairs

Let your home buyers be able to envision themselves comfortable and relaxed in their future new home by adding some quaint benches or chairs to the front garden. It's a special touch that can add color to the garden and a certain elegance.


Wow your home shoppers with an explosion of color. Buy a couple flats of white and fuchsia petunias and fill the front bed and some flowers with height to line the back. Yellow back flowers contrast particularly well with purple petunias. Consider adding window boxes if it is the right look for your home as well.

Extra tip: Southern California investors can find great deals on bulk nursery items at the companies that grow under the right of way power lines. Try Village Nursery or Certified Plant Growers.

Wagon Herb Garden

These little wheeled gardens are a great extra touch. Every Food TV inspired chef will be instantly transported to the comfort of a home cooked meal with fresh herbs. Even the non-chefs will like it's quaint, warm appeal.


Faux Garage Windows

Improve the perceived value of your garage door with some faux garage door window decals. You can order them custom cut online as window decals or you can paint some yourself.  To paint the windows, mask off a horizontal and vertical line to represent the panes with painter's tape.  Use high gloss black paint for the window “glass”. Be sure to peel the tape before the paint completely dries to ensure the removal doesn't cause broken sharp edges.

Some other ideas to consider include:

  • Mailbox makeover
  • Hiding and disguising eyesores (trash bins, hoses, electric meters)
  • Front door molding
  • Faux Stone panels over exposed slab foundation






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