Ask Cornerstone: Where can I find good contractors for my flip?

Finding sub-contractors for flip house

Finding good contractors can be a difficult task as many have poor reputations. Common complaints are contractors not showing up for jobs, completing late, and doing poor quality work.

There are a number of online resources to find listing of contractors. We recommend The Blue Book as a major source for true professionals in the building industry. Many contractors in The Blue Book are big corporations… but in the mix are professional contractors that focus on smaller jobs. You can ask for referrals and check them as well.  Other resources include and

I find that attending local REI clubs also gets me in touch with people networking and promoting their services. Ask around to the fellow attendees for recommendations. It is a great way to get referrals from people who have actually used their services.

We feature a list of meetings by month for the Southern California area on in our blog at if you are from this area. Otherwise, try a Google search for “REI Club Meeting” or search in

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